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Charlene Campbell Named July Advocate of the Month!

Thursday, Jul 29, 2021

Charlene Campbell has been a CASA for over 10 years and found her passion for this work after retiring from her 30-year career as an educator. She currently advocates on two cases, one that is headed toward adoption for a one-year-old boy, and another for a 9-year-old boy who has been bounced from home to home in foster care. This second case was a perfect fit for Charlene’s experience as an educator because it was clear to her from the start that he needed academic interventions in school, which she advocated for immediately.

Charlene has been a strong advocate for the child on this case to ensure that he is placed in a stable and appropriate foster home. She has also worked hard to develop a meaningful relationship with the boy and the professionals on the team. Her efforts have been so successful that the professional team relies on her to help him transition into placements.

Charlene’s Advocate Supervisor, Chris Hanson, describes Charlene as “force on this case” and remarks about how well she works with the professionals on the team. Charlene’s mantra as a CASA Volunteer is, “Just keep showing up!”. She credits this mentality as the reason behind the trust she has built with this child, and many others, in her role as a CASA. She remarks, “Being a CASA is a supreme honor.” We couldn’t agree more, and thank her for all of her work! Congratulations Charlene! 

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