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Charles and Erin Keyes Named September Advocates of the Month

Wednesday, Oct 21, 2020

Charles and Erin Keyes
September Advocates of the Month

Charles and Erin Keyes took their first case in February 2020 and are advocating for three young children. The case opened when the children were found to be left at home for extended periods of time and in unsafe living conditions. The children were able to remain at home under the care of a family member. During the case the Keyes have been a great resource for the family, going to a food bank and delivering food to them, and helping the legal team see what needs to be done to move the case forward.

Their Senior Program Coordinator, Matt Cale, says “This case would look much different if it was not for them. The dad really leans on them to provide perspective on the case.”

Matt also remarked on their “phenomenal” court reports, adding “They are organized, and confident, and leaders to others.”

The father has made significant progress during the case opening and has since been allowed to move back into the home with his children. He arranged full-time daycare for the children, has been complying with his treatment plan, and was recently re-granted custody.

Aside from their crucial insights and support they have given to the family, Charles and Erin have also grown a cherished relationship with the kids, bringing them books, activities, and care to each visit.

“They’re all really sweet and eager to say hello. We bring bubbles, books, games, and you can see they’re excited when they see us,” says Erin.

Charles and Erin have enjoyed their role as CASA Volunteers and see how vital it can be to provide a voice for children during their time in the court system. Charles says “you see especially in these cases with young kids how they don’t have a voice for themselves and don’t understand the court process. The ability to get to know and advocate for kids that don’t have the ability to do so is the most important thing we can do.”


We thank Charles and Erin for joining the CASA family and their immediate attention and care to their case. Congratulations on being our September Advocates of the Month!

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