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Dave Kusel Named June Advocate of the Month

Friday, Jul 6, 2018

June Advocate of the Month

Dave Kusel

The CASA organization has chosen Dave Kusel as June Advocate of the Month. He has been an advocate with CASA of Broomfield County since 2005. He is currently working on three cases, one of which has been going on for four years. He remains a consistent voice in advocating for the children and resolving situations so that they can get back with their families.

Over the years, working with CASA, Dave has learned the ins and outs of the judicial process and child welfare mechanisms. He works well with his team of social workers, Guardian ad Litems, and parents. When he sees something important, he shares it with the team and is impressed by the energy of everyone who puts in time and effort to resolve each issue as it comes up.

“I’m very proud to be part of that team effort, as we’re working together to achieve one goal, which is the welfare of these troubled kids,” said Dave. “I hate seeing innocents get the short end of the stick.”

While there are challenges that all advocates face, with everything from parental and child mental health issues to abandonment, Dave is pleased with the tremendous support provided to advocates by the CASA organization.

“For those considering becoming volunteer advocates, it’s important to understand that you’re never alone,” added Dave. “You may face the children alone, but you always have the backup you need, professionals who can address your questions, thoughts, and suggestions. This isn’t a huge time-consuming effort. It may be 10 to 15 hours a month but you can make your own schedule. It’s nothing as strict as a regular job would be.”

A father himself, Dave understands the importance of finding stability for children facing abuse and neglect. And when a case comes to a successful close, and kids are placed in loving homes, he feels his efforts and those of his team have all been worthwhile.

Dave has been a constant for many children who, throughout the years, have gone through a terribly challenging time in their lives. His determined commitment to help these kids thrive has made a considerable difference. We thank Dave for his ongoing tireless work on behalf of children suffering from abuse and neglect.

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