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Irene Randall named August Advocate of the Month

Monday, Aug 20, 2018

August Advocate of the Month

Irene Randall

The CASA Program is pleased to recognize Irene Randall as August Advocate of the Month. Irene is a devoted grandmother, employee, and golfer, who loves playing a round with her husband when she isn’t in court or at her job. Irene has been with CASA since 2010 and has had seven cases during that time.

 In her current case,  Irene advocates for four girls (all under the age of 12). They were placed into foster care after their school reported potential abuse. The girls were separated into two different foster homes, and as soon as Irene took the case it became a priority for her to get them all under the same roof once again. After months of being separated, the girls were finally moved into the same foster home. Irene is thankful for all the progress the girls have made since and says helping them be reunified has been one of the biggest accomplishments she has been a part of in this case.

“Both parents are working so hard, really doing all they can to show they are able to keep the girls, and I make sure to tell the judge that,” she added. “You don’t always see parents do what these parents are doing, and it has made a huge difference in how I’m treating their case.”

Irene is no stranger to the twists and turns these situations can bring and has treated this case like all her previous ones: with compassion, respect, and integrity. While the case has been a whirlwind for all involved, Irene has been determined to continue advocating and remain a constant resource to the girls and the judge. She is hopeful that the girls will be able to return home permanently once both parents finish the requirements given by the court.

Irene has a huge sense of pride in the work she does as a CASA Volunteer Advocate. “It has made me realize even the smallest acts of kindness can affect someone’s life in the biggest way.” She thinks CASA has a unique way to give one’s own life perspective, too, and says it has shown her a perspective of life that she can offer to children. She says, “You realize these kids don’t have the same vision of the world, and I can show them that the world is bigger than what is inside their front door.”

Chris Hanson, her Senior Program Coordinator, remarked she is grateful for how Irene is always consistent, friendly, and is a good team player. “She always has a smile on her face and always does what is best for the kids.”  

Irene encourages anyone who can to become a CASA Volunteer Advocate, saying it is a unique way that someone can make a difference.  Volunteers are giving their time, and every minute makes an impact.  And she adds that it doesn’t take as much time as people think. Irene herself works full-time while she serves as a CASA Volunteer Advocate.  She is thankful for the opportunity CASA has provided her in enriching her community even further. CASA is very grateful to have Irene as an advocate and wishes her the best in her current and future cases!


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