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Karla Fitch Named November Advocate of the Month

Wednesday, Nov 25, 2020

Karla Fitch
November Advocate of the Month

Karla advocates for a teenage boy whose case has been open for over 4 years. He and his siblings were taken out of their home and separated due to substance abuse and neglect from their mom. Due to lack of placement options, during the span of the case he has been moved to countless foster homes and even medical institutions, with Karla providing support every step of the way.

“Karla has stayed with him; she’s been the one person who hasn’t given up on him,” says her Peer Coordinator Zoe Reese.

Karla consistently reaches out to medical professionals, therapists, and those on the legal team to always ensure she is informed on his needs and has developed an indispensable relationship with the teen. During a period where he was in foster care, she was able to take him out for ice cream and on walks, but after having to once again relocate into a hospital, she made sure to adapt and visit with card games or an open ear. During a youth meeting, when asked to list his mentors, the teen listed Karla.

“I’m just a consistent person who is always there. He knows no matter what I’m always here and will show up.”


The teen has recently started attending the same school as his brother again, and the legal team is hoping he will be put into foster care with him as well to help bring back stability into his life. No matter what direction the case takes though, it is efforts like Karla’s that show the importance of having a caring, stable adult to support youths in the court system.


I want kids to know their pasts do not define them or dictate what their future can be.”


Thank you, Karla, for your unwavering advocacy and your hard work for our organization. Congratulations on being chosen as our November Volunteer of the Month!

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