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Katie Evans named July Advocate of the Month

Friday, Jul 20, 2018

July Advocate of the Month

Katie Evans


The CASA organization has chosen Katie Evans as July Advocate of the Month. She has been an advocate with CASA of Adams County for a little over a year. Since she became an advocate, she’s had several cases and is currently on her third, which involves a teenage boy who has been in seven different placements since 2016. Katie has built a strong relationship with him, and visits him consistently every week, even though she drives an hour each way to do so.

“My relationship with my kiddo is remarkable,” said Katie. “He feels free to call me anytime with any questions he has, or just to talk, and I’m there for him. It’s easy for kids to be angry or confused with a team of professionals continually making decisions for them, so I’m there to be a stable factor in his life.”

Katie is currently in the process of becoming certified to be a foster parent, and she sees how many kids in abuse and neglect cases desperately need someone to advocate for them. Her compassion is what led her to become a CASA in the first place.

“These kids deserve to have a voice, and as a CASA, I know I can give them that,” added Katie. “Since I’ve been working as an advocate, I’ve seen massive need there is for us to be there, helping provide families with the resources they need so they can cope, and so that kids can eventually stay with their parents or be placed in a loving and caring home.”

In her current case, the child’s foster parent often communicates with Katie when there’s a need for specific resources such as help with parenting a teenager, and whatever else comes up on a daily and weekly basis. Katie works with her team to find the right answers at the right time.

“The CASA organization has been extremely supportive, and they’re great at matching advocates with the right case,” said Katie. “I feel supported at all times and am always a phone call away from any help I need.”  

Katie’s compassionate commitment to her work demonstrates just how much good a CASA can do. We thank Katie for her continued efforts in making a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children.


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