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Leanne Holitza named April Advocate of the Month

Friday, Jul 6, 2018

April Advocate of the Month

Leanne Holitza

The CASA organization has chosen Leanne Holitza as April Advocate of the Month. She has been an advocate with CASA of Broomfield County for the past 13 years. Her current case has been opened for two years, and she’s developed a strong bond with the child, who hasn’t had consistency with therapists, as well as a range of other critical service professionals.

Being a CASA has taught Leanne about the needs of kids in local communities, and as a result, she’s developed strong compassion for them.

“Child abuse is one of the worst sins in my brain, and since becoming involved with CASA, I have learned so much about what people go through on a daily basis, and I feel compelled to do all I can to keep kids safe,” said Leanne.

Leanne understands the importance of being open-minded as an advocate. “You can’t do this job and judge people. You have to be open and understanding,” added Leanne.

Over the years, several of Leanne’s friends have become advocates because of her work. She believes that even for those who might find it scary to take on an advocate role, they will never know what they’re capable of until they try it.

“Give yourself a chance to try this critical volunteer work,” she said. “Over the years I’ve watched CASA evolve to earn its reputation in the court room. I’ve seen how much credibility the organization has which proves it’s a needed service in the community.”

Leanne has been a constant on her current case since the beginning, compassionately advocating for the ever-changing needs of the child, inside and out of court.

The dedicated support that Leanne has given to children over the years demonstrates how much good a CASA can do. We thank Leanne for her continued commitment to making a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children.


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