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Katie Sauer Named November Advocate of the Month

Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017

Katie Sauer is originally from North Dakota but as she says, “you’ll have to listen very close to hear any trace of the accent.”  She has lived in Colorado since 2001 when she came here as a graduate student at CU.  When Katie was on sabbatical leave, she saw a flyer in a coffee shop for volunteers for CASA and felt she was able to commit the time to become a CASA volunteer advocate. She was sworn in October 2016.


Right after Katie was sworn in, she accepted a case in Broomfield with a young teen who was somewhat in limbo.  Previous to her removal, she was staying with her father who was found to have sexually molested her.  She was removed from the home and spent over a year in several foster homes.  At that time, her mother, who lives in another state, was not able to provide an adequate and safe home for her so she could not move to live with her.


Throughout this case, Katie has been a constant in this young lady’s life.  She had three different GALs and two caseworkers.  And ONE CASA.  Katie would travel out of the city to visit her regularly at her placement.   She made sure that the home was safe for the young lady.  When there was a bedbug infestation and evidence of mold at the group home where she was living, Katie made the call to the hotline outlining several safety issues.  Katie contacted the schools this young lady had attended, three in her short stay in Colorado, to get her records so that when she went home to her mom all of her academic records were in place for the new school. The caseworker referred to Katie as a “rockstar” for getting all of these records. 


Katie also provided emotional support for the young lady.  She assured her that her hope to become a makeup artist was within reach and encouraged her not to give up on the goal.  She helped the young lady write her statement for the court to read at the sentencing hearing for her father.  She let the young lady know that she would always be available to help. 


That is why Katie is CASA of the month, for the help and encouragement she gave to this child who was far away from home and needed someone.  At the closing of the case the young lady was able to be reunited with her mother out of state and her father was sentenced for his crime.