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Pam White Named February 2020 Advocate of the Month

Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020

Pam White, February’s Advocate of the Month, learned about CASA through her husband who served on the Board of Directors for Voices for Children (Boulder County CASA). She worked for 25 years in Christian education at a church and was always drawn to working with children. After she discovered CASA and its mission, she made a commitment to volunteer when she retired. Pam took her first case in July of 2019. She advocates for two children, a girl in kindergarten, and a preschool aged boy.   The children were placed in foster care due to drug abuse and domestic violence.

At first, the children were hesitant, but after a few months Pam began to form a bond with them.  They enjoy spending time together, and she has taken them to a variety of activities. They go swimming, to the park, to get ice cream, and to the zoo. Pam really enjoys having them in the car for sing-a-longs. During the CASA Holiday party, Pam got the chance to see just how strong their relationship had become when the little girl wanted to hold Pam’s hand and sit next to her.  The boy now recognizes Pam when she comes into the room, greeting her with a big hug and shouting her name. 

Pam talks with them about how they are feeling and how they feel about their foster home.  She believes her role is to listen with no judgement.  She feels the most important part she plays in these young children’s lives is for them to know somebody is there that cares about them without any strings attached. The time they are with her, they just get to be kids and can enjoy a safe space to have fun. 

Feliz Sanchez-Garcia, Pam’s Senior Program Coordinator, says she is a Rockstar! Pam travels 45 minutes one-way to the foster home to visit her children, but she is incredibly consistent with her time with them, which has allowed them to be very open and build great trust with her. She does a great job communicating with the foster parents and biological parents. She is well-respected by everyone on the professional team, and Judge Delgado has expressed how much she values Pam’s opinion.

Thank you, Pam, for your dedication to improving the lives of these two children.

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