CASA of Adams Broomfield

Lillian Archuleta Named September Advocate of the Month

Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017

Our CASA Volunteer Advocates really care about the well-being of children. They are there when other adults say they will be but fall short. They let the courts know what the children on their cases are thinking and feeling. They listen to children express what they want when most other adults make decisions without talking to the children. Our CASA Volunteer Advocates are committed to making sure that the children they serve have their needs met no matter their race, language, or status.


Our September Advocate of the Month demonstrates this commitment especially well. Lillian Archuleta was just sworn in as a CASA Volunteer Advocate in April, but she did not hesitate to take on the difficult case of a child who was physically abused and traumatized. Lillian worked hard to advocate for the needs of this child, and the case resulted in Allocation of Parental Rights to her maternal grandmother. Not only did Lillian bring professional demeanor and skill to this case, she also made communication easier and more straightforward for the child and her family because Lillian is fluent in Spanish.


At the final hearing for her first case, the caseworker took Lillian aside and asked if she would be willing to take on another case with a Spanish speaking child. Lillian immediately accepted and will be assigned to that case shortly. For her to immediately take on another case is a real sign of her commitment to the children CASA serves. We so appreciate Lillian’s service to these children who need a consistent voice.