CASA of Adams Broomfield

Tessa Daniels Named December Advocate of the Month

Friday, Dec 20, 2019

Tessa joined CASA in 2016 and is on her second case. She advocates for a teen girl who had endured abuse from her father and had seen addiction overcome her mother. After struggling to find appropriate housing for her, the teen had to spend a short time in a hospital facility. Tessa, not feeling this was the best placement for her, advocated for her moving to a more typical foster home setting. “That’s when I saw her blossom.”, Tessa recalls.

The teen started to improve in school, and Tessa started to make progress in helping her realize her potential. She worked with the Broomfield Rotary to get the teen a laptop and started to take her out to places like the movies to help “open up her world”. The teen continued to flourish and is now, for the first time, making goals about the future. They talk about college, what to expect for SATs, and other opportunities she didn’t feel anyone else had shown her.

“I always try to keep her on track and know she has options, and that she should never stop following her dreams. I see my job as helping her reach her potential and obtain any opportunities to help her grow and be healthy adult.”

While the trajectory of the case is still unclear, Tessa feels comfort that she can be a person to guide her and motivate her in this trying time in her life.

“It’s just amazing seeing what happens when someone cares.”

Tessa encourages others often to become a Volunteer Advocate. “People think this is a huge time commitment but it really isn’t. And every time I finish hanging out with her, I’m always glad I did”, she adds. “She always makes my day brighter.”

Tessa’s story provides an amazing example of the difference a person can make as a CASA Volunteer. We thank her for sharing her story and congratulate her again for being chosen for our December Advocate of the Month!

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