Congratulations to our April, May, and June Volunteers of the Month!

APRIL – Linda

Linda became a CASA advocate in 2017, currently on her fourth case, and advocating for four children. The mother had been struggling with substance dependency, and the children were placed with family earlier this year. Linda has worked to gain the trust of the children, and learn what they are wanting as the case progresses.

“It’s important I’m making sure the children are safe, and that I’m getting to know the adults involved, and where they are coming from.”

Meanwhile, Linda has also helped the mother navigate the court process and understand what she needed to do to reunite her family, and helped her learn how to communicate effectively with the legal team. When she got frustrated, she would consult Linda on how to move forward.

Because the children have difference guardians involved, Linda has also been instrumental in facilitating communications among them and ensuring all options are explored for the children’s future placement. The mother has been following the necessary steps in her treatment plan, and recently regained custody of two of the children. Linda hopes with time, the entire family will be able to be reunited.

We thank Linda for her the advocacy she has provided for the children and families in our community. Congratulations for being our April Volunteer of the Month.

MAY – Madison

Madison has been a CASA Volunteer since 2021 and is serving on her first case, which has been opened for nearly one year. The case involves a young girl who was severely abused by one of her parents. Madison strives to be a caring adult that the child knows she can depend on. They take walks, go to the park, play together–any activity that allows the girl to be a child. In addition to supporting the girl through a traumatizing experience, Madison has focused on advocating for her educational needs. She has missed many days of school, and while she has done well in math, her reading level was low. She was evaluated, revealing that she has a learning disability and Madison helped the mother stay on top of the process to get the interventions and supports she needs. The girl will be attending a new school next year, and Madison is committed to advocating that her needs continue to be met.

When asked what she sees as her most important role as a CASA Volunteer, Madison responded “being there for the child.” She sees herself as someone who can help push things along and get things done for the girl and her family. When asked why she wanted to become a CASA Volunteer, Madison said she loves working with children. She noted that she had her own challenges as a child, but she had adults that supported her, and she believes that was the only way she was able to succeed.

Madison said it amazed her that once you become a CASA Volunteer, you can make an immediate impact for a child. We want to thank Madison for paying it forward, for being that supportive adult in this child’s life. Congratulations on being our May Volunteer of the Month!

JUNE – Jimmy

Jimmy was sworn-in as a CASA Volunteer in 2021 and is currently serving on his second case with a teenage boy who was the victim of severe medical abuse. Because of the child’s extensive trauma, he struggles with opening up to adults. Jimmy recalls having a difficult time trusting adults when he was a child and knew how important it would be to give the boy space and time to get to know him.

When first appointed to the case, Jimmy and the boy began forming a relationship over playing basketball and making jokes to one another. It took time before Jimmy began asking him anything about his past, as it was important to him that he give the boy an opportunity to “just be a kid.” Jimmy says, “You can’t rush it, especially when you’re working with a child with trust issues.” Now, Jimmy and the boy see each other once a week. They are forming a great relationship and enjoy spending time with one another.

Only around 15% of CASA Volunteers in Adams & Broomfield Counties are male, and Jimmy understands the importance of every child having a positive male role model in their life. He strives to be that person for the young boy.

Jimmy says that as a CASA Volunteer, it’s important to take a step back and look at the whole picture of the child’s life. He says, “You are working to find a balance between what you think is best for the child, what everyone else thinks is best for the child, and what the child thinks is best for the child. You can’t make a judgement call before you understand the full picture.”

Thank you, Jimmy, for your thoughtful approach and for making a difference in the lives of children and families in our community! Congratulations on being our June Volunteer of the Month!