Congratulations to our May Volunteer of the Month, Morgan Ernzen!

Morgan Ernzen’s journey to CASA started off in Kansas, working as a Case Manager. During her time there, she noticed how much she enjoyed working with CASA Volunteers on her cases and told herself that when it was time, she was going to become an Advocate herself.

Flash forward to August of 2021 and Morgan, now living in Colorado, is being sworn-in as a CASA Volunteer.

Since becoming a CASA Volunteer, she has used her degree and experience as a Case Manager to not only better serve the children on her cases, but the parents too. Morgan is not only a inspiration to the 3 children on her case; she is also an inspiration to her three children at home. “It has been really fun to watch my kids watch me do what I went to school for, because all I have ever been to them is a Mom. It is interesting for them to see me give back in this role and help someone who needs help.” Morgan’s involvement as a CASA Volunteer has even inspired her children to get involved themselves! Right now they are only old enough to help wrap presents for the CASA Child Holiday Party, but one day they hope to be CASA Volunteers themselves!

When asked what Morgan would say to someone considering becoming a CASA Volunteer she said, “Just do it! You’ll never regret it.” Morgan shared that it may seem daunting and out of your realm at times, but to jump in and do it because the kids make it so worthwhile.

Here at CASA we are so honored to have Morgan as such a dedicated CASA Volunteer. We appreciate everything that she brings to the table and that is why we have named her our Volunteer of the Month for May!

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