Congratulations to our November Volunteer of the Month, Kathleen Pierz!

Congratulations to our November Volunteer of the Month, Kathleen Pierz!

Kathleen was sworn-in as a CASA Volunteer in January of this year and although it has been less than a year for her, she is making some serious strides as a CASA on her first case.

Like most of our volunteers, Kathleen heard about our CASA program through word of mouth. “I had a few friends who were involved with the CASA program. They told me about the experiences that they had and why they decided to volunteer, and I knew it was going to be a great way to put my background to use.”

Kathleen has spent the past 40 years of her life working in International Strategic Planning, with Spanish as her second language.

Since becoming a CASA, Kathleen has learned so much more than she expected. “I learned how resilient kids can be. They have been through so much and yet they still want to focus on school, focus on their future.”

Kathleen also notes the amazing support system that she has around her. From her Advocate Supervisor, to her Caseworker, to her GAL. “It’s been amazing to work with such amazing people. Everyone has been so helpful and supportive. But most importantly? These are the people I would pick to be my friends.”

While Kathleen has only started her journey, It is amazing to see how involved and motivated she is in her case. We are so proud of her journey and we cannot wait to support her along the way!

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