Congratulations to our October Volunteer of the Month, Terri Vacik!

This October we celebrate Terri Vacik as our Volunteer of the Month!

“I first heard about CASA while I was in college. They came out to do a presentation and immediately I knew this was something I wanted to do.”

Sworn-in as a Court Appointed Special Advocate at the beginning of this year, Terri has been dedicated to the same case and has been such a critical part of the professional team, ensuring that her CASA child is safe, has a permanent home, and the opportunity to thrive.

“There was a moment when one of the placements didn’t work out, and I was heartbroken and confused. The caseworker and my Advocate Supervisor sat me down to explain what had happened. It was a really hard moment, but I was glad to have a support system.”

Terri is still on this case, and while she understands all the difficulties her CASA child has faced, more importantly she sees how happy they are.

“It brings me so much joy every time I see them. We play on the floor together and they give me hugs. It is so amazing to see how resilient kids can be.”

Not all children who end up in these situations are lucky enough to have a CASA Volunteer, especially one as dedicated as Terri. That is why we have awarded her with the October Volunteer of the Month.

“I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this organization. It really means a lot to me.”

Thank you so much for being a CASA Volunteer Terri!