Meet A Volunteer

Hi! My name is Estelle Fleckenstein and I was sworn in as a CASA Volunteer on 2/22/22. (hehe – that’s a lot of 2’s 🙂) My 2nd anniversary is coming up!

I have successfully closed one case, and currently serve on two other cases. I am also a Peer Coordinator, meaning I provide support and guidance to other volunteers.

How did I find CASA? In my profession as a teacher, I had worked with the CASA Program. I thought that when I retired, I would look into CASA and the role a volunteer plays on these cases. I knew I wanted to continue working with children in some capacity, and CASA felt like a perfect fit.

Since joining CASA, I have learned many lessons. So far the most important one being that a CASA Volunteer isn’t expected to have all the answers. We just lead with our heart and keep the children’s best interests at the center of what we do.

While I have had a few difficult situations, my Advocate Supervisor has always been available to talk with me and help me through these situations. They remind me to keep focused on the children. As a Peer Coordinator, I try to emulate the same level of responsiveness for the CASA Volunteers I support.

My favorite moment since becoming a CASA Volunteer? It was when I received an unexpected text from one of my CASA children – I realized I had gained her trust.  I actually cried… happy tears.

For those interested in becoming a volunteer, I say go for it! If you have a heart for supporting children and their families, CASA provides training and support to help you gain confidence.

It has been humbling and gratifying to walk alongside families that are experiencing what is most likely the most difficult time in their lives. I am happy to help and grateful that I am able to make a difference.