Meet A Volunteer

Hello! My name is Mary Arrington. I’m a retired elementary teacher and now a CASA volunteer, since 2018. I’ve had three cases and have successfully closed two of them. Currently, I have a wonderful family with four beautiful children.

After a super fulfilling career as a teacher, I knew I wanted to continue working with kids in some manner. A friend in Boulder told me about his CASA experience and I signed up immediately for Adams & Broomfield Counties and have not looked back. The lessons and I have learned about building trust with the children, parents, foster parents, grandparents and great grandparents is beyond rewarding. I never tire of seeing the children’s faces when I walk through the door followed by big hugs! It certainly lights up my day.

My supervisor has made my CASA experience worthwhile and without her it would’ve been difficult for me to navigate some issues. Her advice is invaluable. As a CASA volunteer you will never feel isolated and unable to ask for help.

I hope I’ve made a difference in the families who are experiencing such troubling times. Gaining the confidence of a family is worth everything. I highly recommend checking out the training program in your county to get involved with CASA. You won’t regret it.