Our CASA Community

Charlene Campbell was first sworn in as a CASA Volunteer 13 years ago, and in early 2021, was appointed as a CASA Volunteer for an 8-year-old boy named Daniel.

Over the three years his case was open, Daniel lived in 10 different homes. Charlene was there for him throughout each of these moves, providing stability throughout some of the lowest and most devastating times in his life. Charlene helped bridge connections with his family, supported him through a move out of state, stood by his side at a loved one’s funeral, and was there for him for countless moments in between. Over the course of the case, Charlene, along with the Guardian ad Litem (GAL), and caseworker, became a significant part of Daniel’s life. Eventually, he even referred to them as his family.

Recognizing his lack of stability and comfort throughout all his life transitions, Charlene wanted him to have something he could call his own. She reached out to her CASA Supervisor and obtained a Walmart gift card, which is where Daniel picked out his very own Spiderman comforter. He took this with him from home to home, and it became his sense of comfort.

Daniel finally found his happy ending when he was adopted by his two dads. With the case now closed, Charlene maintains a strong relationship with him and his adoptive dads.

Their story became an inspiration, prompting the women’s ministry at Family in Christ Church to get involved. They collected $950 in gift cards, donating them to our CASA Program.

These gift cards will not only help ensure basic needs are met for families but will also allow our volunteers to spend quality time with their CASA kids. Thank you to the women’s ministry at Family in Christ Church for your incredible generosity and support!

Does Daniel’s story inspire you to do more? Learn about different ways to give to CASA today!