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A Precious Child, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to making a  positive impact in the lives of disadvantaged and displaced children and families in Colorado by improving their quality of life. A Precious child (APC) is a  resource center that collaborates with schools, organizations, social services, fire and police departments, churches and shelters to ensure that all children in the State of Colorado have their basic needs met. 

CASA of Adams and Broomfield Counties has partnered with A Precious Child to provide the CASA Children you serve with clothing year round, backpacks for the beginning of school, and gifts for the Holidays. We are so greatful to have such a strong community partner and look forward to a long partnership.

For Instructions on how to apply for services see below.


Agency Partner Shopping Visits

In an effort to serve all families and agency representatives smoothly and efficiently and to ensure we are well-stocked with inventory, we ask that you please give a courtesy call of 48 hours or more when you are coming in for an Agency Partner Shopping Visit on behalf of 3 or more individuals.  This will allow us to prepare paperwork and restock our store with as much as possible to increase your selection. 

Thank you for helping us serve the children and youth of Colorado!


Client Shopping Visits

We are excited to be serving so many NEW clients! For those of you that may not be familiar with our check-in and check-out process, we wanted to share with you a step-by-step glance at how we will be serving your clients. All clients will check-in with our incredible Client & Agency Partner Associates.

  1. A Referral Voucher and Photo ID is required for the client's first visit. Referral vouchers are valid for one year. At the end of that year, we will remind your client that he/she will need a renewal voucher.
  2. All new clients must complete our Client Intake Form. This helps us capture data for our funding reports.
  3. When check-in is complete, a Client & Agency Partner Associate will explain our Shopping Guidelines to each primary caregiver. The guidelines resemble grocery lists and they list the type of items as well as the quantity of items that each client is allowed, per member of the household. The number of items for the home or linens, will be per household. 
  4. All families will have 90 minutes to shop. Our Client & Agency Partner Associates will provide each family with a shopping cart for their shopping convenience.
  5. If there is something your client can't find, our Store & Merchandising Manager and Store Floor Volunteers are available to help. Everything in our store is a donation to us and will leave as a donation to our clients. Therefore, most of what we have out is our current supply or what we have in stock. While we may not have everything your client needs, we will do our best to find other items that may be helpful.
  6. When your client is ready to check-out, they'll lay everything on our check-out counters by person in the household. (i.e. Everything belonging to John will go in John's pile and everything belonging to Maria will go in Maria's pile, etc.)
  7. While we bag everything up and get it all weighed out from our store inventory, we will ask that your client complete our Evaluation Survey. We are always eager to improve, and all feedback helps.
  8. Your client's next appointment can be scheduled by phone and at your client's convenience. While a voucher is good for one year, clients can visit us every four months.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to reach out to one of our Client & Agency Partner Associates at 303.466.4272 Thank you for helping our clients!


Tips to Remember:

- Please bring your CASA badge.

- Call early to schedule an appointment.

- Ask questions if you are unsure of procedure

- Read the forms and instructions carefully.


For more information about A Precious Child and what they do, click here to browse their website.

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