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As an Advocate on a case, there are certain requirements that you must commit to completing, that are included during your Initial Advocate Training and your Case Opening with an Advocate Supervisor. Below are the forms that you will need to fulfill these requirements. If you have questions about the forms or the requirement expectations, please contact your Advocate Supervisor. 



Court Report Template

Use this instructional court report template when completing your court report for every hearing on your case.

Court Report Template

Use this form to help you organize what you would like to report to the judge at court.

Oral Recommendation Preparation Form


Life Skills Assessment (ages 14-21)

The below assessment is to be completed by all youth ages 14 and above. There are two ways that you can plan to complete this requirement. You can either have the youth fill out the form online during a visit with you (easier option) OR you can have the youth fill out the hard copy print version form with your assistance during a visit and then you can fill out the form electronically afterwards.

  • To print a hard copy of the Life Skills Assessment, simply click on the below link and then right click on the form and select PRINT.
  • To fill out the assessment, click on the below link and fill out the questions and click SUMBIT at the end.

CASA Life Skills Assessment

Please contact your Advocate Supervisor if you have any further questions or concerns.


Youth Survey

We want to know what the CASA children have to say about their experience having a CASA Volunteer  in their lives. This information is important since CASA is all about listening to the voices of the children. Please have your CASA child fill out the below Youth Survey (your assistance is welcomed) 6 months after you were appointed to the case & when the case closes. Submit the completed form to your Advocate Supervisor.

Youth Survey


Additional Helpful Tools for your Advocacy Role

"What is CASA?" Forms

For Children For Parents
             For Parents (Spanish)              For Foster Parents


Transporting CASA Children

Each CASA Volunteer is REQUIRED to complete the below Transportation Waiver, submit it to your Advocate Supervisor and have it approved by your Advocate Supervisor each and every time you would like to transport your CASA kiddo. Below is the Transportation Waiver for you to download.

Transportation Waiver

Maple Star Relative Affadavit

In an effort to continue to seek out permanent connections for our children/youth involved in D&N cases, if you become aware of any kin/permanent connections for children/youth on your cases that may not have been included on the initial Relative Affidavit form and initial diligent search, please submit that information directly to Maple Star on the attached form at any time! You may contact the caseworker directly for any updates on the new search . Below is the Maple Star form for you to download.

Relative Affidavit

Helpful Tools for CASA Volunteer Advocates


For more information on CASA Requirements, please contact your Peer Coordinator or Advocate Supervisor.