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In December 2015, the Ticket to Dream Foundation™, a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit, launched its Mattress Firm Foster Kids program in Houston, Washington and Idaho—but they’re not stopping there. Ticket to Dream is taking the Mattress Firm Foster Kids program nationwide in an effort to improve the lives of as many foster children as possible. 

The U.S. foster care system is home to over 400,000 children, many of whom have entered the system with few or no possessions of their own. Foster children are often removed from their homes unexpectedly and must leave quickly with nothing but the clothes on their backs. 

To help, participating Mattress Firm locations hold year-round donation drives to collect clothing, pajamas, shoes, school supplies and holiday gifts. Mattress Firm also conducts year-round, nationwide fundraising at all store locations to help fund essential items from the current drive. Our sixth drive, the Dollar Drive, collects funds to help foster children join in on extracurricular activities such as music lessons, team sports, dance lessons and summer camp.

In-kind donations are distributed to local non-profit organizations and matched with foster children in need. But these donations are more than meets the eye. Cozy pajamas are a comforting hug. New shoes are a boost of confidence. And a new backpack carries hope for a brighter future. Many foster children have lived through unspeakable circumstances, and these small gifts can be a light of hope during a dark time. 

Mattress Firm’s mission it to help hundreds of thousands of foster children feel secure in a new home, successful at a new school and confident in the community. Our success depends on you! Together we can make a difference in these children’s lives, one donation at a time.

For Questions about this partnership, please contact Program Director, Vickie Ricord at