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Resources for Advocates

Staff Specialty Areas at CASA

One of the most valuable resources we offer you as an Advocate is the knowledge, expertise and experience of our professional staff.  Each of our program staff members has a specific area of focus that they are trained in.  See below for staff specialty areas.  We encourage you to reach out to them to help support your in your work.   

                           Keeping Kids Engaged On Virtual Visits                               

                           5 Protective Factors Against Child Abuse                               


  Cross Over Juvenile Delinquency Cases 

                    Cultural Sensitivity                    

                    Domestic Violence                     

         Early Childhood Development           


                          Mental Health                       

                            Sexual Abuse                       

       Adams County General Resources       

                          Food Insecurity                     

Youth and Families
            Experiencing Homelessness             


Agency Partners

As a CASA, you can connect your CASA kids and families with direct services in the community to help ensure their immediate needs are being met. CASA partners with agencies in the community to support your advocacy. Below are some of our agency partnerships:

          A Precious Child          

           Bright by Three           

 Mattress Firm Foster Kids                

 One Simple Wish Program  

Renaissance Dental Hygiene

            Forward Steps              


General Resources

Check here for a variety of resources that may be helpful to your role as a Volunteer Advocate.

       Broomfield Resource Guide       

           Community Resources             

        Foster Care/ Adoption Info        

Working with Children and Adolescents


Truancy Resources

In this section you will find helpful resources for Volunteer CASA Truancy Advocates working on cases in Broomfield County.

 Special Truancy Advocates                  


Additional Resources

The best way to gain information that is helpful to your work as a CASA is to take advantage of the many Ongoing Training Opportunities we offer. You will also find valuable information via our CASA Book & Movie list containing recommended books and movies that will help grow your knowledge base.


For questions or concerns about any of the above content, please contact your Advocate Supervisor or Program Director, Vickie Ricord at