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Judith Named February Advocate of the Month

Friday, Mar 4, 2022


February Advocate of the Month

Judy has been a constant for CASA for over 13 years and has been appointed to nine cases and 23 children and youth. In her latest case, Judy was appointed to a case with four children. The family had had prior involvement with social services, and recognized that they needed to reengage in services for their family when the mental health of the caregivers were in jeopardy. The children were initially moved into foster care, going into two separate placements. Judy made regular visits to both placements to let them all know she was there for them. Through CASA, Judy aided in acquiring scholarships for boxing lessons, ballet, and swimming lessons.


The siblings had family in another state that were also a great support during the case. The family visited the kids and made sure they remembered they had people who cared about them; along with Judy, they helped the older kids, who were always taking an active role in raising the younger children, realize they could finally just be teenagers.


“It was cool to watch them all develop and learn and handle emotions that early on they couldn’t do.”


As the case progressed, one of the parents was able to complete his treatment plan and resolve the safety issues regarding the children. Once these were resolved they were able to regain custody of their children. 


Judy encourages the people she knows to become CASA Volunteers, saying “it takes a village, and if we can improve a family situation we can make sure this doesn’t repeat in the future.”

Stories like Judy’s are an inspiring example of the difference a CASA can make in the lives of the children and the families they serve. Thank you for your work and congratulations on being our February Volunteer of the Month!

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