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Judy Edwards Named November Volunteer of the Month

Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021

November Volunteer of the Month
Judy Edwards

Judy first joined CASA after attending a Light of Hope event in 2019. After years of considering fostering and adoption, she saw the opportunity CASA provides in serving children in need, and joined our efforts in 2020. She is currently advocating for 2 young children who she had served as a CASA for on a previous case. The case had been previously opened when their guardians involved were found to be suffering from drug addiction. After both experienced a relapse, Judy was re-appointed, and has once again dedicated herself to the case and the well-being of the children. On her weekly visits, Judy makes a point of making them focused on fun, play, and positive experiences, and both children are always excited to see her.

“I want them to know there is somebody there in this hard time just to have fun, and for them to know there is someone consistent in their life so they can trust people.”

The parents involved were put on a new treatment plan with the Department; with the goal being to address their addiction, and no causes for the concern of the children’s safety, the children were able to remain in their home, something Judy was thankful for.

“I want to keep the kids and the family together. The CASA training made me understand what’s important-are they safe, are they fed, are they happy? Separating from their family can be so much worse, and without training I wouldn’t have understood that.”

Judy also makes an effort to do academic activities with the kids- while the oldest is only in pre-school, she knows how important it is for her to not fall behind, and consistently offers advice and support to the parents.

We thank Judy for her consistency and positivity she has brought to this case, and the work she has done for the children she serves. Congratulations for being our November Volunteer of the Month!

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