Meet A Volunteer – Margaret

Hi there! My name is Margaret and I have worked on two cases. My first case closed quickly, and I have been on my second case since the end of April 2022. 

Meet A Volunteer – Mary

Hello! My name is Mary Arrington. I’m a retired elementary teacher and now a CASA volunteer, since 2018.

Meet A Volunteer – Abby

Hi! My name is Abby Fisher and I have been a CASA Volunteer for two years and I am currently serving on my third case.

Our CASA Community

Recently, the women’s ministry at Family in Christ Church heard about the life-changing impact CASA Volunteer, Charlene, had on her CASA child, Daniel.

Meet A Volunteer – Estelle

Hi! My name is Estelle Fleckenstein and I was sworn in as a CASA Volunteer on 2/22/22. How did I find CASA? In my profession as a teacher, I had worked with the CASA Program. I thought that when I retired, I would look into CASA.

Stepping Up For Kids In School

More than a quarter of Colorado students were chronically absent from school last year, meaning they missed 10% or more of the school year.

2023 CASA Case Study

The activities of CASA of Adams and Broomfield Counties in 2023 reduced the lifetime social costs and increased the lifetime earnings of the children served, improving Colorado’s communities and labor market.

Meet A Volunteer – Alex

Hi! My name is Alex Fandrich. I joined CASA this year and am currently serving on my first case. Since becoming a CASA Volunteer there have been so many great moments. Even though it’s cheesy to say, the most meaningful moments are the smaller ones where I can see there is a legitimate bond and sense of trust being built.

2023 – November – Volunteer of the Month

Since becoming a CASA, Kathleen has learned so much more than she expected. “I learned how resilient kids can be. They have been through so much and yet they still want to focus on school, focus on their future.”