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Anu Anupindi Named October Volunteer of the Month

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

Anu joined CASA earlier this year and is currently advocating for two teens. The case initially came to light when the older teen expressed abuse was happening in the household. Safety precautions were put into place that allowed the youths to stay in the home with their mother. Anu started strong on the case right away, visiting their schools, talking to their counselors, and meeting with everyone she could to learn more about them and their circumstances. Anu took time to dig into their records and realized that the youths’ records from their previous school had not been transferred to the new school. In these records there were concerning behaviors that had not been addressed. Anu advocated for the both the teens to begin therapy and the team was even able to get a therapy dog after diligent effort. Anu also has made admirable efforts in trying to earn the trust of not only the teens but their mother as well, bringing them to Starbucks to connect with them, and regularly making a point to reach out and ensure they all know her role and her willingness to provide them support.


“That’s what a CASA can do, get to know them, and know what signs the team might be missing. It’s important to find out the past so the future can be set right.”


Both teens have responded well to therapy, and the older teen was able to begin extra-curriculars this year at school, something Anu saw make even more improvements to the teens well-being. The youth has become more talkative, and is finally showing their true personality to those around. Anu has also seen an improvement in the siblings’ relationships with each other and how they have related to each other.


Anu’s Advocate Supervisor, Matt, adds “Anu is exactly what I always hope first-time CASA's to be. She is extraordinarily thorough, maintains strong communication, and remains steadfast in her desire to get it right. Despite early challenges, she pressed forward with firmness, though never pushing beyond appropriate boundaries. She makes every appointment, fulfills every promise, and at all times demonstrates a seriousness of purpose. I could not ask for a better CASA volunteer!”

Anu’s story is a wonderful example of how CASAs can work to support youth experiencing abuse, as well as how they can lift up and work to strengthen families. We thank her for her work for our organization and the youth she serves!

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